Analyze news headlines or blog post titles

Review of how the analyzer works

What it does

Using this tool you can analyze your headlines, or other peoples headlines, to see how good they are. You do have to have an account at the website to see the results but it is completely free.

How to use the analyzer

  1. Visit the tool here (opens in new window).
  2. Copy and paste the headline you want to check into the box.
  3. Click the 'Analye now' button.
  4. Login or signup (free to do).
  5. Get the results.
  6. You'll then need to go back to your own website and alter your headline based on what the results show.


Headlines can have a huge impact on how many people click on an article. It can also set the tone for the rest of the content. For those reasons optimizing your headlines can have huge benefits.


You need to create an account with the company in order to see the results. However, it is quick to do and doesn't cost anything.

Other notes

If you're a regular content creator it's a very useful tool worth bookmarking.

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Tool location: External
Cost to use: Free, signup required
Category: Content creation