Compress JPEG Images


What it does

A quick and easy way to compress your images that are in the JPG format. If you have images that are PNG and want to convert them first you can kill two birds with one stone by using the PNG converter which will compress at the same time as converting. This tool here is purely for reducing filesize so your picture needs to have a file extension of either JPG or JPEG.

How to reduce the filesize of your JPEG images

  1. Visit
  2. Upload the JPG or JPEG files from your device, maximum 20 images at a time.
  3. Let the magic happen.
  4. You can either click on the individual 'download' buttons per file or click the 'download all' button to save them all back to your device.
  5. Job done, they should now be compressed into a smaller filesize.


A very quick and easy to use image filesize reducer.
It normally significantly reduces the sizes of the pictures. This can be useful for if you're trying to improve website loading speeds on a blog or any type of public site.
There should be no loss of quality to your photo.


Maximum of 20 images are possible at a time, that means if you have lots of pics to convert it will take a little while.

Other notes

You cannot do other functions such as resize the pictures. It has only one function.

Related or alternative tools


Tool location: External
Cost to use: Free
Category: Image alteration