Meet this Favicon Generator, by Dan’s Tools

A quick and easy way to create a favicon for your HTML5 website.

What it does

Your website favicon is important because people see it in the tab of a browser and in their bookmarks if they bookmark your website. It can also be used on tablets and smartphones if you have a progressive web app. The problem comes when you try to meet the requirements for the different browsers and devices. Thankfully there are free tools out there that will not only create all the icon and image sizes you need but also provide the coding to add to your head area of your web design.

How to use it

  1. Visit
  2. Choose your image file.
  3. Pick your required settings.
  4. Click ‘create favicon’ button.
  5. It will churn out all the image files you need and the coding.
  6. Upload the favicons and coding to your website.


From just one image it will pump all the different sizes and formats that you need in literally a few seconds.


There’s no real downsides to using this tool. Be aware that as browsers get updated and tech changes that over time your coding in your head section of your website may need to be updated. But don’t worry about it too much because it won’t break your website if it becomes outdated over time, it’s only a favicon.

Other notes

If you use WordPress then you won’t need the coding. You should be able to upload a regular PNG image via your ‘Appearance’ tab and that will act as your favicon.