Meet AnswerThePublic, by Propellernet

A way to generate brilliant ideas for new content that meets users needs.

What it does

Here we look at an amazing tool that is completely free to use and will help you generate brilliant ideas for new content. Essentially it’s like a keyword tool but it goes further than that. Because the web is all about people, you want to be creating content for people. People ask questions, use prepositions, and want comparisons. This tool will help you see all of those things.
Note; the website also features an awesome design!

How to use this tool

  1. Visit the answerthepublic website.
  2. Type in a basic phrase or the topic you want to cover.
  3. Click the orange ‘Get Questions’ button.
  4. You’ll then be presented with a page of results, including questions, prepositions, comparisons, and an alphabetical list of key phrases.


This will churn out a whole load of content ideas. Whether you want to make blog posts, videos, or how-to articles, this tool will churn out ideas for the things people are searching for.


You’re limited to how many searches you can do per day. You need to upgrade to the “Pro” version to remove the limit. Another disadvantage is that this tool can churn out so many ideas you may give yourself too much to do with so many ideas!

Other notes

There is also a ‘pro’ version, but that’s never been used by Satch so that can’t be reviewed here.