Meet Link Explorer, by Moz

Use it to monitor what links you have to your website, or even use it to monitor your competitors.

What it does

The Moz Link Explorer tool is a staple part of many a webmasters toolkit. With it you can monitor what links you have to your website, or use it to monitor your competitors. Not only will it give you domain authority and page authority scores but also tell you how many inbound links you have and allow you to see anchor text.

You will need to create a free account in order to use the tool. If you only want to know your domain authority score you can do it without an account using this.

How to use it

  1. Visit the tool here.
  2. First you’ll need to create a free account.
  3. Type in the domain you want to retrieve data for.
  4. Click the blue spyglass icon button.
  5. You’ll then see the overview of data for that domain.
  6. Use the Link Explorer menu to drilldown into data such as anchor text and spam score.


Considering the tool is free you can get a lot of valuable data! By monitoring your anchor text, inbound link sources, top pages, spam score, and other metrics you can get a good picture of your website. And not only your website but thanks to 10 free searches per month you can monitor rivals and use the tool to help you locate potential new link opportunities to boost your own business.


You’re limited to getting data for 10 domains each month. No problem if you’re only managing your own website, or a small amount of websites, but with a large portfolio to track you’d need to pay to upgrade. You’re also limited to how many inbound links and linking domains you can see. That limits your ability to do a full review of a domain.

Other notes

This tool can also be used for analysis of other existing websites. For example if you’re looking at websites for sale with a view to buying then running their domain through the Link Explorer can give you a better picture of the sites health.