Meet Ubersuggest, A Keyword Ideas Tool, by Neil Patel

Quickly generate keyword ideas to target in any of your online endeavours.

What it does

Using this free online tool you can very quickly generate keyword ideas to target in any of your online endeavours. It requires no sign-up. The tool is called Ubersuggest. As long as you know a basic phrase for your niche to get you going you can open up many new ideas for what key phrases to target in your marketing.

If you’re looking for a tool to use to help purely with content creation this tool may be better to use as it can help you target specific questions people ask and understand sentiment better.

How to use it

  1. Visit the tool here.
  2. Type in an initial word around the topic you’re researching.
  3. Choose which language you’re using.
  4. Click the ‘white’ search button.
  5. It will then show you the data for that specific term.
  6. Scroll down to see a ‘keyword ideas’ section.
  7. Click the white button titled ‘see all keyword ideas’. You’ll also find it in the menu.
  8. You can then dig deeper into the different phrase ideas for your niche and see the current Google SERP and some data such as number of links those pages have pointing at them.


Not only does it give you ideas for new phrases to target in your marketing but also shows you the current Google SERP rankings which gives you some data to help you decide whether they’re worth targeting or if it’s too competitive. Using this tool can also be good for your wider marketing activity. For example they don’t only have to be phrases you can target in search engines, but also on social media sites and YouTube.


Inevitably lots of the data you’ll see is only guesstimates. But they give a good idea of what should be easier to rank for as well as give you phrase ideas you never thought of.

Other notes

Although this tool is good for generic keyword and keyphrase ideas, for user sentiment and content ideas the tool listed below in the related tools is more useful.