Meet Pinterested, by Szymon Wilkosz

Use this free Pinterest keywords tool to help you get more views of your photos and videos.

What it does

Using this tool you can get lots of ideas for potential keywords to use on your Pinterest uploads. These can help your photos get more views and hopefully, in turn, they also get more engagements.

How to use this Pinterest phrase finder

  • Visit the Pinterested tool (opens in new window).
  • Type in a basic word or term, for example “chocolate cake”, into the keyword field.
  • Click the green ‘get keywords’ button.
  • Give it a moment to work.
  • Once the loading symbol has gone it will show you the results and give you the option to download the keyphrase ideas to A CSV file.


It’s free to use, without the need to register, and can give you some really good ideas. It can help create the basis of new phrases to type directly into the Pinterest official website and see even more related terms. It chucks out a huge amount of ideas!


There’s only the English language supported at the moment so if you’re after a foreigh language tool this isn’t any good. There’s no way to manually remove some results before exporting to CSV.

Other notes

It’s a very handy tool, there’s also sharing links at the top of the page you can use if you want to tell others you work with about it.