Random Number Generator

A selection of random numbers

What it does

Using this little widget you can generate a randomly picked number with just one click. Here is the tool to use now!

How to use it

  1. First enter the range you want the random number to be within.
  2. Click the 'Generate now' button.
  3. It will give you your result.
  4. If you wish to keep generating new numbers keep clicking the generate button.


Use it as many times as you want, it's completely free to do. You can also set the numbers from 1-10 or from 1 to as high as you want.


The only main one is that you can only generate one number at a time rather than a list. You also must use whole numbers.

Other notes

The RNG tool is kindly powered by random.org.

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Tool location: Internal
Cost to use: Free
Category: Other