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What it does

Depending on what project you're working on, it can be important to know the status of a domain. Here you can learn how to see if a domain is already owned by someone and if it is, check when it expires. With some domains you can also see who the owner is and their contact details, others have privacy protections on making it trickier to know the true owner.

How to find if a domain is owned and when it expires

  1. Scroll down to see the "WHOIS form", that's what you'll be using.
  2. Type in the domain you want to know more about.
  3. Click the 'lookup' button.
  4. See the print-out of the domain ownership details below the search form.
  5. Read through the information to find the details you want, if you want the expiry date look for the field called "Registry Expiry Date". Depending on the domain extension there may be varying amounts of information available for different domains.

WHOIS form

What next?

If a domain isn't owned by anyone then you can go ahead and register it with the registrar of your choice. If a domain doesn't expire for a while but you still want to keep an eye on it in case the current owner fails to renew it then you can use what are called "domain dropping services" who will monitor it for you in return for a fee. If you need a domain now and the one you want is taken then keep searching for alternatives!

How do I find out who owns a private domain? If you're looking to find a hidden domain owner and there's privacy protections on the WHOIS data then you will need to investigate in other ways such as directly checking on the website itself or googling the name. However, it may not be possible to locate the owner unfortunately.

Benefits of this tool

It's very quick and easy to use. We've not put any sort of limit on search numbers. In comparison to some other WHOIS domain checkers this page doesn'thave any Adsense or heavy loading aspects so it should be speedy for you. Ideal if you're a professional looking to do a lot of checks.

Drawbacks of this tool

There are huge amounts of domain extensions in existence now because the authorities have decided that's a good idea. It means that realistically this tool doesn't contain the ability to check every single extension in the world. If there's one you want to check and it isn't working please send in a message.

Other notes

Coding used for this tool: PHP.

Related or alternative tools
  • NameCheap (can be used for domain registrations and WHOIS checks)


Tool location: Internal
Cost to use: Free
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