Hello World!

Welcome to my corner of the web, I’m Satch, an entrepreneur at heart who utilises solo web developer skills to build small businesses. I created my first website all the way back in 2007.

This website is my digital playground where I share my creations and publish free tools.

What I Do


Build Small Scale Projects

I’m a solo dev so I stick to small scale projects. Don’t confuse project scale with meaning low user numbers!


Code In Vanilla Languages

HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript are my languages of choice with WordPress as my CMS. I keep my coding vanilla!


Create Content

I love to create high-quality content, especially when it involves market research and creating new tools.


Hold Assets

I spend most my time working on projects I own to create maximum value. Diamond hands and all of that!

Hungry for more? Well for a start my full name is Chris Satchwell, you can read more on my About Me page where I talk about my love for spaghetti code amongst other things.

About This Website

As a larger project this website is still new, I’m only adding to it in my spare time.

Satch.co.uk is my personal digital studio for me to share creations such as tools, templates, snippets, articles, and other bits and bobs that I’ve made. See the free tools for developers or use the menu to see all pages.

Thanks for stopping by!