Hi, I’m Chris Satchwell, operating under the online name of “Satch”. I’m a self-employed webmaster from the UK. I can provide a range of freelance services to your business. I specialise in WordPress and doing user testings but can complete other requirements too. On this page I’ve outlined details about my experience and services I offer.

Experience and services

I registered as self-employed way back in March 2007! I started out by creating basic content websites uses free HTML templates. A few years later I started to see the power of using a Content Management System compared to basic HTML files. At that time I chose to switch over to use WordPress and have been working with it ever since, now for around 9 years. I currently maintain 5 websites on a day-to-day basis. I manage all aspects of each site, not just the regular maintenance jobs such as updating plugins but also content creation, marketing, monetization, and design alterations.

While working as a freelancer and contributing to crowdworking platforms I’ve completed a wide range of tasks including the following:

  • user tests
  • WordPress maintenance and development
  • audio recording to help AI development
  • podcast and YouTube transcription
  • various data entry jobs
  • article writing


Please see the portfolio page for a showcase of the websites currently managed day-to-day by Satch.


Be aware that because I already maintain 5 WordPress websites on a day-to-day basis as well as completing other freelance work that my availability can go through significant fluctuations. Sometimes I simply won’t be able to take on any work so will not be able to even provide a quote, other times I will be available to take on bigger projects.

Who I provide services for

The vast majority of people I work with are either other self-employed people or those running small businesses. However I’m also open to working with larger companies depending on the scope of the project. Although I’m from the UK I work with people from countries across the world.


Some projects I will complete for a fixed fee. Others I will complete at an agreed hourly fee. I use Trello to accurately monitor hourly projects to ensure you are charged fairly. The pricing will be decided based on the type of work you need completing. When requesting a quote please state which pricing format you would prefer.

Payment methods for agreed work

  • UK clients: bank transfer or PayPal
  • International: PayPal only

Abort fee
If for any reason you need to cancel our agreement very soon after starting it I charge a 20% abort fee, this means you’ll receive 80% of your money back.


Sometimes during projects it becomes clear that the skills to meet a required outcome in a project can be beyond my skillset. This is generally avoided by a clear understanding of the job at hand and a plan of how to complete it before work commences. However, in the rare case that it does happen there will be a full explanation of the situation provided and an agreed refund, depending on what status the project is at. If no progress is made then of course a 100% refund is provided. There is also the option for the work to be sub-contracted if desired. I hope this brings peace of mind to all clients.

Get in touch for a quote

If you would like a quote please send in an email, my address is on the contact page. No job is too small or too big, it’s only a quote after all so I’m happy to explore all opportunities.

In the future more services will be added, I’d like to also offer a ‘mobile games curation’ service too. I’d also like to make my own courses.