Free tools for developers and content creators.

These are free tools I use myself or articles I’ve adapted from SOP documents. You’re welcome to use them if they’re useful to you.


Playlist: Relaxing Music For Coders

Coding can be difficult. Chillout music can help you stay in the zone while spending hours doing web development!


Snippet: CSS Spacing System To Help Create Consistency In Your Design

A CSS spacing system to make life significantly easier when designing layouts for websites and apps.


Template: CSS Style Guide

When creating an MVP it’s healthy to still keep the CSS file(s) in a manageable state. Some of the CSS coding may be spaghetti but a style guide can help contain the messiness.


Tutorial: How To Add Emojis To Content Or A Web Design Using HTML

Emoji’s can give content a light-hearted fun feel and a splash of colour! It’s nice and easy to do as well.