Chris Satchwell is a webmaster based in the West Midlands, UK. This website is a personal portfolio of work and also a blog. I’m currently doing some updates to this website, and this page will be altered too, but for now the previous information is still below.

This website is the home of self-employed UK web developer, Chris Satchwell, aka “Satch”, who currently operates 5 websites including Satch.co.uk and provides freelance WordPress services. This website exists as a curated collection of webmastering tools that Satch uses while running the business. Not only is this useful from a selfish point of view for Satch to have quick access to every tool the business uses, but it can also be useful for others in the industry. Here’s the mission statement for this website:

To show those new to the webmastering world the most useful tools that help them make the best online creations they can in the fastest possible time.

Who’s this website for?

It’s mainly for solo webmasters, content creators, web developers, and small business owners. Most experienced individuals in the field already have the set of tools they use set in stone and their processes to use them. This website aims to be a place for people new to the industry or whose business is small enough that it can be easier for them to find many of the tools they need all in one place. Hopefully it can also act as a place of discovery for people of all levels of experience and expertise. This site is, of course, also here to showcase the freelance services provided by Satch.

What each listing contains

The aim for each tool/software listed on this website is simple:

  1. Show you a useful tool you may not be aware of.
  2. Explain what the tool does and review the benefits of using it.
  3. Give you a step-by-step guide on how to use it.

Ambitions for this website

The goal is to not only list every tool that Satch uses, but also to list other useful ones that may be handy to complete other tasks in Satch’s opinion. And not only to list the tools, but to have useful step-by-step guides for each one to help people understand how to use it and understand what the benefits are. At this time the number of listings is low and the ambition has not yet been met due to time restraints, but the steady increase in listings continues! It would also be great in future to have a tutorial video on each page.

Get in touch

If you have any problems while using this site, or recommendations for tools/software you think would be of interest, then please fire in a short and sweet email via the contact page. Thanks for stopping by today!