Playlist: Relaxing Music For Coders

Stay in the zone when doing web/app development.

Coding can be difficult. Sometimes having relaxing music on in your headphones while coding can help you get in the zone and stay in the zone. It can help keep relaxed and help shut out external distractions. So I curated this playlist.

Open the playlist on Spotify. It’s over 1hr long but I’ll keep adding more songs.

Here’s the playlist embedded so you can take a sneaky peek:

You’ll need a Spotify account to play the playlist. The desktop browser version is excellent even with the free membership level of Spotify, it has limited functionality on mobile devices though.

In the future I hope to recreate the playlist on YouTube. But I’ll have to do it in my spare time.

I also want to create a playlist that contains fast music for those late night coding sessions fuelled by caffeine and EDM music!